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Saturday, September 14, 2019
Most races begin at 9:00am Eastern; afternoon half marathon begins at 1pm
Raccoon Mountain Pumped Storage Reservoir/Laurel Point

What’s a trash panda? It’s a fun term for a raccoon…because they sort of look like giant pandas (in their coloring) and they sort of look like red pandas (which sort of look like raccoons) and also, they like to dig through the trash. It’s also the slightly-bratty-but-still-kinda-cute little sister race to our perennial powerhouse, the Raccoon Mountain Marathon. In fact, if you ran ANY of the spring Raccoon Mountain races, and you run the Trash Panda, you get a third medal. Because anyone rad enough to hang out with us on the same mountain twice a year deserves some extra lovin’.

Distance options available: Ultramarathon (50K), Marathon (26.2 miles), Metric Marathon (26.2K), Half Marathon (13.1 miles, morning and afternoon start options, feel free to do BOTH), 10K, 5K

Brought to you by the cool kids at Awesomesauce Events and Run Chattanooga.


Laurel Point on Raccoon Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee


Saturday, September 15, 2018, morning races start at 9am EASTERN, afternoon half marathon starts at 1pm EASTERN


Trash Panda Freaker

– Custom Trash Panda Freaker, the one size fits all beverage insulator that functionally makes your drink feel special & your hands stay dry.
– Wooden finisher medal
– If you ran our Spring Raccoon Mountain race, you’ll get a third medal for completing both in 2018.
– NOTE: We do not give t-shirts as swag like most races. We’re not most races. Some people like hoodies, some people like long sleeves, some people like short sleeves, some people like the race logo, some people like other stuff. So we’ve got them available for purchase.


We will be using only the trails that connect to Laurel Point. The loops for most of the races will be roughly 3 miles long. We’ll have an out-and-back section marked for each distance to get you to the appropriate mileage.

The trail is technical in that there are roots and rocks, but it’s not particularly difficult. There are no water crossings. Trail shoes are useful, but not necessary. Beginners, hikers, children of all ages are welcome. There is an eight hour time limit for all distances (afternoon half time limit is four hours.) You must be out on your last lap by 3:45pm. We don’t DNF; we’ll give you a finish time for the distance you did complete.


AKA, what we’re known for. There will be one gigantic aid station that you’ll pass on each lap. At the aid station will be Gatorade, water, Coke, Mountain Dew, energy gels, a variety of chips, candy, and cookies, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pickles and pickle juice shots, and a full array of non-food supplies like Vaseline, salt pills, painkillers, etc.

You are welcome to leave a drop bag at the designated area near the aid station. Feel free to bring a chair to put your drop bag on, a full change of clothes, your teddy bear, whatever you think you’ll need to make it through your chosen race distance.



This is NOT a slick, corporate, super-professionally produced race. We’re still the same grassrootsy, laid-back people we’ve always been. We cater to the non-competitive, fun-loving runners of the world. We are a bunch of dorks that can measure a course and make it fun. If you are expecting Ironman-levels of organization, you came to the wrong place. If you want to have a good time in an atmosphere that is more ‘giant group run’ and less ‘super professional NYC marathon’-type thing, we’d love to invite you to join us! If you’re only worried about running super fast and not about enjoying your experience, this is NOT the race for you. You have been warned.


Saturday, September 15, 2018, 7:30am – 8:55am at Laurel Point on Raccoon Mountain (afternoon half marathoners, you can pick up your packet before 1pm at Laurel Point)

This race will be timed and results will be posted.


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