Let’s Flamingle

Awesomesauce Lets Flamingle Half Marathon

Let’s Flamingle
April 13th and 14th, 2019

All races begin at 7:30am Eastern; Fun Run at 9am
Ocala Greenway Baseline Trailhead, 4255 SE 58th Avenue, Ocala, Florida 34472

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Awesomesauce Races

Fun fact: flamingos are very social animals. They hang out in large packs, mingling. So that means that when large packs of runners who like having a good time get together in Central Florida, they must want to FLAMINGLE.

It’s an Awesomesauce Event with some vintage Florida flair. Grab your flamingo loving, Golden Girls watching, orange juice drinking buddies and join us for food, fun, friendship, and a little run – or walk – through the park. With distances from 100 yards (just for fun) to half marathon on both days, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Awesomesauce Lets Flamingle

Both days are super low-key and non-competitive; at our events, the race is you vs. you, not you vs. anyone else. We do post results though, so these races qualify for 50 States Half Marathon Club and Half Fanatics! There is a 4 hour time limit for all distances. If you think you’ll end up taking more than 4 hours, we offer an optional early start. Walkers are TOTALLY welcome at all of our events; there is no running police here! We don’t care if you’re fast or if you’re slow, we just care that you have a good time!

Awesomesauce Lets Flamingle


Your registration fee includes entry into the race distance of your choosing – 5K, 10K, or half marathon – race swag, finisher medal for all distances, and our usual aid station setup including Gatorade, water, energy gels, salty snacks, sugary snacks of all kinds, and fun treats. The food doesn’t stop when you’re done running though. Post-race noms give you more time to mingle with your fellow runners!

You’ll be taken care of by our award-winning crew that rings cowbells, gives the best high fives and provides unparalleled support. Whether you need a blister taped up or an encouraging hug or some tough love, the heart of any Awesomesauce operation is our race director and staff. This is a great race to nab that distance PR you’ve always wanted, with a supportive and fun atmosphere that will help you enjoy every mile!

Shirts are NOT included in your race fee; we do give out race swag, it just won’t be a shirt! We’ve found that people either have too many shirts, or prefer a tank top or other swag, so we will be hooking you up with a double-walled/insulated straw cup to keep your cold drinks cold all year round! We do have lots of fun shirts available for purchase, and buying them in conjunction with your race registration hooks you up with the lowest available pricing. Any extras will be available for purchase on race day.

Run races on BOTH days and earn a unique flamingo medal for each day PLUS a third medal for being crazy enough to run two days in a row! (We like that kind of crazy!)

Awesomesauce Run Amok

The most important thing to remember is that our focus is on FUN. Only a handful of people ever have a real chance of winning any race. Our crew caters to the 99% – the ones who will never win but who still deserve an amazing race experience. This isn’t an uber-competitive, super serious event. Fast people are welcome, slow people are welcome, walkers are welcome! If you like hanging out with fun people, if you like being spoiled, if you like fun surprises, if you want to be with people who truly enjoy your company and want to see you succeed, we hope you join us, because you’re just the kind of person this half marathon, 10K, or 5K is perfect for! Because we intentionally keep our field of runners small, there are no age group or other awards.

Awesomesauce Freeze Your Half Off


The course is a paved loop on the greenway trails. You will pass the start/finish/aid station area multiple times throughout the race. Wait – what?! We are running in loops? Yep! The beauty of a looped course means that you’re never alone; everyone gets to flaMINGLE all day long! This also means you’re welcome to leave a drop bag to access your own personal goodies and you can shed layers (hahaha), and you can reapply sunscreen, address any potential issues such as blisters, etc. The camaraderie simply can’t be beat when you run multiple loops; you’ll leave with more friends than you came with!

Awesomesauce Burn Your Half Off


Our aid stations are epic. It’s simply a fact.

Food at the aid station includes (but is not limited to):  energy gels in a variety of brands and flavors, fruit, potato chips, pretzels, pickles, cookies, candy (chocolate candy and sugary stuff too), crackers, and whatever else we decide looks good at the grocery store!

Drinks available include water, Gatorade, and banana and strawberry smoothies (dairy free!) If you have a particular mix or drink that you prefer, please bring it along and we’ll be happy to refill your personal cup all day long with it, or keep it on ice for you. We have an unlimited amount of ice, so put it in your drink, stuff it in your bra, throw it in your hat, keep yourself cool.

Also available in the aid station zone:  Bandages, athletic tape, Vaseline, salt tablets, sunscreen, feminine products, ponytail holders, BioFreeze, and other things that will help us help you get to the finish line.

Because you pass by the start/finish/aid area multiple times, you’re welcome to leave a drop bag with supplies, or you can leave a water bottle or cup at the aid station to fill up with the drink of your choice.


We’re hooking you up with a double-walled plastic straw cup, designed to keep your cold drinks cold all day long! Shirts, tank tops, hoodies, and other gear is available for pre-order during registration. Pre-orders will be cut off three weeks prior to race day. A limited amount of merchandise will be available for purchase at the race.

Awesomesauce Born To Be a Unicorn

Medals for all distances! Our medals are made from recycled steel in the good ol’ US of A and are different for both Saturday and Sunday. Pick yourself up a THIRD medal if you run both Saturday AND Sunday!


Pick up your race bib and any pre-ordered gear one hour before each race start. If you pre-order anything, we recommend waiting until AFTER you are done running to pick it up. The lines get super long first thing in the morning, and we don’t give away your stuff once you’ve paid for it. If you’re running on Sunday and are in town on Saturday, feel free to stop by the race location to get your bib then. Yes, you can pick up a friend or family member’s bib.


We think every finish deserves a party! The finish line food and festivities continue until the last person finishes. This is non-negotiable for us. We don’t run out of food. We don’t run out of drinks. We don’t run out of music and dancing and high fives. Do not worry about anything being missing if you’re not fast; we’ve got you covered.


Are strollers allowed?
Yep! Please register any children riding in the stroller if you’d like for them to receive a race bib and medal.

Are headphones allowed?
Yep! We ask that you keep the volume low enough so you can hear what’s going on around you. ou.

Are walkers allowed?
Walkers are not only allowed, they are encouraged. We do not care what speed you go, as long as you finish within the time limit (8 hours for ALL race distances.) All finish line food and festivities remain out until the last person finishes, so no worries about anything disappearing before you make it to the finish line. There’s even a special award for the person who perseveres the longest! This is a great race for first timers at any distance!

Are pets allowed?
Unfortunately no.

What hotel should I stay at?
Recommended hotels are coming your way soon.

Okay, I’m in! Where do I register?
Right here!

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